Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Boy's Life


He's a very sensitive boy
standing next to Jesus
"Have a cigarette" Jesus says
A poisonwood bible in his right hand
Delivering lunches
to the Navy man
"Have a cigarette" the Navy man says
He's a very sensitive boy
who watched a monster on the Phillies
It's crunch time
his father said
But he was a long way gone
And the monster says,
"Have a cigarette"
But he's a very sensitive boy
and he doesn't smoke

That was a found poem that I made in class an hour ago. We were supposed to find things (e.g book titles, phrases you overhear, phrases from a book) and compile them into a poem. We did a similar thing last year. That poem was about a casino and a guy with a gambling problem. I wish I could find it...

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